Shower Kits have:

• Pressure Treated Posts
• Cedar Pickets
• Cedar Backing Rails
• All Pickets are DOUBLE NAILED
• Aluminum Screw Nails
• Posts are 45 on top for a finished look
• Gate is fully framed with Cedar Stock
• No Spruce is used for any Kit
• 100% #1 Cedar Stock
• Shower Kits are not cut up sections, we build every kit to order.
• We think if you are going to attach something to your house it should last 15-20 years.

So when you look at the price also look at the quality of this kit and we think it's a very good price for a long term Quality Product.

Please check out our
Shower Kits Photo Page.

We Can Make Any Size You Like.
Call or stop by to see the display.

Kits take 2-3 weeks for a pick up
or 3-4 weeks to have it installed.

ORDER TODAY we get very backed
up on this product.

Please check out our
Shower Kits Photo Page.

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